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Setting standards is a one day simulation of a standardization process. Participants acquire hands-on experience, a feeling for the political-economic stakes in standardization, gain insight in standards-related interests and strategies and experience the relevance of procedures in standards processes.

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What are the benefits?

Setting Standards is a training simulation that gives you new perspectives on your business strategy and innovation. It also provides you with the practical and analytical skills to translate knowledge strategy into solid steps for your organization.


  • Deepen your understanding of your organizations interests under various circumstances
  • Become familiar with different perspectives on formal negotiations and your options regarding them
  • Get insight into the standardization process and possible end results for your business as well as society



Setting Standards was previously played by participants from science, business, government and standards organizations, who were unanimously enthusiastic about the veracity of the simulation and the insights it brought.


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More benefits

  • With limited time investment you are allowed to experience the process of standardization. This is more fun, faster and more effective then studying standardization literature.
  • You learn by using a new method, specifically cut to meet the requirements and wishes of current day professionals.
  • You are reflecting on the processes that lie behind standardization, thereby enhancing your personal ability to reflect strategically on your work and organization.
  • You will meet a group of people working on the same things: a community or practice where you can expand your network.